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The Block (#22527-56010), a critical Engine-Fuel part in the Fuel Feed Pump system, plays a dominant role in your Toyota vehicle's performance by regulating the flow of fuel to the engine. The Block (#22527-56010) interacts closely with other components in the system to facilitate smooth operation. As part of the Toyota Autoparts catalog, the Block (#22527-56010) is assured to fit your vehicle perfectly, thanks to its genuine design. Replacement of the Block (#22527-56010) is crucial over time as wear and tear can lead to inefficiencies or even complete failure. If the Block (#22527-56010) becomes old, clogged, or broken, it can seriously disrupt the fuel supply to the engine, leading to poor performance or even system breakdown. By maintaining a functional Block (#22527-56010), you are ensuring your car's fuel efficiency and safety. Plus, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs all genuine parts for peace of mind during replacement.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 22527-56010

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