Transfer Oil Pump Body Sub-Assembly

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The Toyota Transfer Oil Pump Body Sub-Assembly (#36106-0K010), a Drive-Chassis part in the Transfer Oil Pump system, serves a crucial role in the delivery and circulation of transmission fluid, often referred to as oil. The pump body houses multiple components, including the impeller, that work in unison to create pressure, enabling the fluid to flow correctly and lubricate the transmission. With time and constant usage, this part can wear down or get clogged, affecting its efficiency. If left unattended, a faulty pump body sub-assembly can lead to inadequate lubrication, causing permanent damage to the transmission system and compromising your vehicle's performance. To maintain your vehicle's health and efficiency, it is critical to periodically replace this part, always choosing genuine Toyota parts for compatibility. Genuine parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering you peace of mind and assurance about the part's quality and performance. In conclusion, the Transfer Oil Pump Body Sub-Assembly (#36106-0K010) plays a significant role in the vehicle's overall efficiency, contributing to a smooth and safe driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 36106-0K010

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