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The Piston (#22518-77020), an essential engine-fuel part in the Fuel Feed Pump system of your Toyota vehicle, is highly significant for its primary role in facilitating the internal combustion process. As the heart of the fuel feed system, the Piston (#22518-77020) moves up and down within the cylinder, allowing the fuel-air mixture to ignite, and drives the crankshaft to generate power for the vehicle. Failure to replace this vital component periodically can lead to inefficient fuel combustion, which in turn can cause engine damage. A worn-out Piston (#22518-77020) can also lead to a decrease in vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Using genuine Toyota parts like our Piston (#22518-77020) not only aids with perfect vehicle compatibility but also comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Additionally, the Piston (#22518-77020)'s efficient functioning directly contributes to the overall safety of the Fuel Feed Pump system. Please remember that the Piston (#22518-77020), as well as other closely related parts such as Piston (#22518-77020) Rings and Cylinder Block, should be inspected and replaced as needed, to maintain optimal vehicle performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 22518-56011;22518-56010;22518-56013
Part Number 22518-77020

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